Datum Location Ort (Land)
13.12.2019 Asmundhalle Assamstadt (Germany)
14.12.2019 Schloß Höchstadt Weisendorf (Germany)
20.12.2019 Kurhaus Isny (Germany)
31.12.2019 Private Performance
01.02.2020 Private Performance
20.02.2020 Sporthalle Bad Mergendheim (Germany)
28.02.2020 Hinz und Kunz Coburg (Germany)
29.02.2020 Hotel Rappen Rothenburg (Germany)
21.03.2020 La Taverna Alzenau (Germany) Cancelled
04.04.2020 Private Performance Cancelled
02.05.2020 BB Hotel Aalen (Germany) Cancelled
09.05.2020 Dorfmühle Lehrberg (Germany) Cancelled
16.05.2020 Flugplatz Egelsbach (Germany) Cancelled
23.05.2020 Dorint Hotel Mannheim (Germany) Cancelled
29.05.2020 Frontseats organized by Schlaraffenklang Künzelsau (Germany)
30.05.2020 VAGA Bonde(Festival) Bordeaux (France) Cancelled
06.06.2020 Schlossplatz 3 Castell (Germany) Cancelled
10.06.2020 Frontseats organized by Schlaraffenklang Künzelsau (Germany)
13.06.2020 Sonnenhof 1 Aspach (Germany) Cancelled
20.06.2020 Saalbau Groß Umstadt (Germany) Cancelled
27.06.2020 Wildbad Rothenburg (Germany) Cancelled
04.07.2020 Seybold Lauffen (Germany) Cancelled
09.07.2020 Heuchelberger Warte Leingarten (Germany) Cancelled
10.07.2020 Lorch Lorch (Germany) Cancelled
11.07.2020 Margarethenhof Schwabenheim an der Selz (Germany) Cancelled
18.07.2020 Neuhof Am See Gundelfingen a.d. Donau (Germany) Cancelled
25.07.2020 Schloß Wiesenthau Wiesenthau (Germany) Cancelled
31.07.2020 Golfplatz Würzburg (Germany) Cancelled
01.08.2020 Freihof Prichsenstadt (Germany) Cancelled
08.08.2020 Opel Zoo Kronberg im Taunus (Germany) Cancelled
15.08.2020 Bridge Pool Black Sea (Bulgaria) Cancelled
22.08.2020 Assmundhalle Assamstadt (Germany) Cancelled
29.08.2020 Erdhaus Wildpark Bad Mergentheim (Germany) Cancelled
05.09.2020 Golf Club Würzburg (Germany) Cancelled
12.09.2020 Zehntscheune Würzburg (Germany) Cancelled
19.09.2020 Private Party Cancelled
26.09.2020 Schlaraffenklang Festival Würzburg (Germany) Cancelled
10.10.2020 Private Party Cancelled
16.10.2020 Castell im Weinstall Castell (Germany) Cancelled
21.10.2021 Private Party Cancelled
24.10.2020 LW Wittelshofen (Germany) Cancelled
18.12.2021 BMW World Munich (Germany) Cancelled
31.12.2021 Schloss Döttingen Braunsbach (Germany)
07.01.2022 Englert Rottendorf (Germany) Cancelled
10.02.2022 Th. Bad Kissingen (Germany) Cancelled
12.02.2022 Medine Metz (France) Cancelled
31.03.2022 Larox GRAZ (Austria)
23.04.2022 Congress Zentrum (NFT Austellung) Würzburg (Germany)
30.04.2022 Center Of Moving Arts Bensheim (Germany)
07.05.2022 Private Performance
25.05.2022 Raumühle Alzey (Germany)
27.-29.05.2022 Schlaraffenklang Festival Künzelsau (Germany)
04.06.2022 Dorfmühle Lehrberg (Germany)

Watching the political situation on our GLOBE, I wonder what will become the legacy of our generation. Will we go down in history as those who let despot societies, tyrants and deep states turn into dystopian nightmares? Or will we be remembered as those who defended the freedoms that previous generations fought so hard to win?